Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The 2nd AMSA-Philippines Research Competition

One of the aims of AMSA Philippines is to provide a forum for the exploration and discussion of different aspects of medical education. Scientific research is one of the most essential facets of a deepening and evolving understanding of medical science. Because of this, NMSC 2012 will hold the 2nd AMSA-Philippines Research Competition to recognize this year's best scientific studies by Filipino medical students. 

Listed below the cut are the mechanics of the competition. Join now to share your discoveries and to be recognized for your contributions to the medical field! Deadline for abstracts is February 3, 2012.

For further inquiries, you may contact Bett (09234488412) or Jow (09178016661), or you may visit the NMSC 2012 FB page.

1.       Open to all students in presently registered in any MD or combined MD program of an accredited Philippine Medical School.
2.       Research should have been performed and completed during the participant’s stay in medical school.
3.       Research should be original and the medical student(s) should be the primary author(s). Projects where students did not have major contribution to the conceptualization and the analysis of the project do not qualify for the contest.
4.       A group of medical students can submit more than one research project provided that each project has a different presenter. A representative can also be an author of multiple research projects provided that he or she represents only one project in the oral or poster competition.
5.       Research that has been published or is currently being reviewed for publication in any local or international journal is ineligible for the contest.
6.       A screening process will be conducted based on the structured abstract. Only those deemed acceptable (based on quality of research) will be eligible to present and be included in the Conference booklet. The research will be accepted either for the oral or poster competition. The judges and the organizing committee will confer regarding the final line-up of participants for the oral and poster competitions.
7.       Projects where an organizer is an author are still eligible to join the competition provided that the organizers will not be representing their research and will not be allowed access to the score sheets. Other members of the research group who are not part of the organizing committee can present the work instead.
8.       The application form is available online at http://bit.ly/nD3cJD. Abstracts should also be encoded here, following the designated format.  Deviation from the abstract format will incur a deduction on screening scores. Fields for the Abstract form are: Title, Background, Objectives, Materials/Methods, Results, Conclusion and Keywords.
9.       Abstracts will be screened according to Research significance (50%) and Study design (50%).
10.   Deadline for abstracts is February 3, 2012.
11.   If a project qualifies, the representative should register for the conference. Replacement of representatives can be done until the 1st day of the conference.
12.   If the study is clinical in nature, a scanned copy of approval from the ERB should be sent to research.nmsc2012@gmail.com one week before the conference.
13.   There is no need to submit a copy of the full paper if the research project qualifies in the oral competition.
14.   Posters should be not more than 3 meters in width and 5 meters in length. They should follow the portrait format. Posters should be submitted during the registration period on the 1st day of the conference.
15.   Eleven minutes are allotted for the presentation and Q&A of each project in the oral competition. Presentations should be at most 6 minutes. For every 10s extension, there will be a point deduction. If the presentation exceeds more than 1 minute, the presentation will be cut. This will be followed by at most 5 minutes of Q&A from the judges and the audience. Priority will be given to questions from the judges.
16.   The best oral and poster presentations will be given awards. Projects that fit into the theme “Social Determinants of Health” are also eligible for a special award, Best Project in Social Determinants of Health.
17.   Winners announced during the closing ceremony will be final.

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