Monday, January 23, 2012

Filing of Candidacy for AMSA-Philippines Exectuive Board AY 2012-2013 is officially open!

Interested AMSA-Philippines members who want to become part of AMSA-Philippines Executive Board AY 2012-2013 can now file their candidacy! The following are the general qualifications for all who will run for a position:

The following must be fulfilled by everyone running for a position in the Executive Board:
1) Must be a bona fide AMSA member of a recognized Local Member Organization
2) Able to perform the duties and function of the office aspired for as provided by the constitution
3) Able to complete the term of office aspired for before his or her scheduled graduation
4) Is not currently a president, not running for president, or planning to run for president of any Local Member Organization; no current or future presidents of an LMO can run and be part of the Executive Board; past LMO presidents (whose term ended at least one academic year before the elections) can run, however.
5) Should not have any failing grades in the current school year (AY 2011-2012, 1st and 2nd semester)
(from the AMSA-Philippines Election Protocol)

All aspiring to run for office are highly encouraged to read the AMSA-Philippines Protocol.

Deadline for submission of certificates of candidacy and other requirements is on: MARCH 1, 2012

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