Saturday, May 19, 2012

AMSA-Philippines Official Statement in Response to Health Workers’ Torture Case vs PGMA

The Asian Medical Students’ Association – Philippines (AMSA-Philippines) is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government association of different organizations from various medical schools all over the Philippines is in solidarity with other health organizations in supporting the Morong 43 in their struggle for justice.

Last year through an open letter to President Aquino, we called for an immediate action on the arrest, illegal detention and ill humane treatment against them. Furthermore, to drive its detestation of what was done to the Morong 43 as well as similar cases of human rights infringement that occur in other countries, AMSA-Philippines proposed a Policy Statement on the Protection of Rights and Welfare of Physicians, Medical Students, and Health Workers before the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, the WHO-recognized international forum for medical students.

Now, we, the unified medical students of AMSA-Philippines, convey our unconditional support in this test case of the anti-torture law filed by fellow health care providers.

AMSA Philippines detest any injustice such as this atrocious act by then Arroyo government, which further thwarts future physicians and other health care workers from staying and providing health care in the most inaccessible and deprived communities in the country by red tagging them rebels.

Let this be a reminder to our government that if human rights is desecrated and the health of the people is placed at stake, we in the health force have no pangs to fight for it; that we medical students will not be muted and remain passive learners; rather active stakeholders and vigilant safeguards of the people’s right to health.

Thus, we will persist to support the Morong 43 and other health care providers whose rights have been violated until offenders are prosecuted and genuine justice is attained.

Health and human rights for all!

Ethel Joy Agaid
National Officer for Human Rights and Peace (NORP), AMSA-Philippines

Ryan Joseph Magtibay
President, AMSA-Philippines

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