Friday, January 25, 2013

FILING OF CANDIDACY for AMSA-Philippines Executive Board Elections for AY 2013-2014 is now OPEN!

DOWNLOAD the Elections Kit:

General Qualifications:
1. Must be a bona fide AMSA-Philippines member of a recognized Local Member Organization
2. Able to perform the duties and function of the office aspired for as provided by the constitution
3. Able to complete the term of office aspired for before his or her scheduled graduation
4. Is not an incoming or a current president of any Local Member Organization; no LMO president may hold a position in the AMSA-Phil board. In the event that a current or incoming LMO president is elected to a position in the Executive Board, or an elected Executive Board member won as president of an LMO after the AMSA-Philippines elections, he/she must resign from his/her presidency in the LMO, to give precedence to the AMSA-Phil position he/she volitionally ran for and was elected to.
5. Should not have any failing grades in the current school year (AY 2012-2013)

1. Accomplished Certificate of Candidacy and Eligibility Criteria Form for the position desired
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Endorsement letter from his or her respective LMO president
4. Motivation Letter
5. General Plan of Action

Please save all files in pdf format.
Email ALL five requirements to

PLEASE DOWNLOAD the Elections Kit for more information and for the candidacy forms!

Everyone is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to email FOR ANY INFORMATION, general status, or any other inquiry about the said positions. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone to ask about the positions they’re running for in order to choose the post that would be the most effective for them and to aid them in planning their general plans of action. The official email addresses of the said posts are also included in the election primer in the Election Kit, so that anyone can directly ask incumbent officers about their positions and its current status as well.

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