Sunday, April 7, 2013

Congratulations to the newly-elected AMSA-Philippines Executive Board AY 2013-2014!

Greco Mark B. Malijan, UP MSSR-IPPNW

Regional Coordinator to AMSA-International
Anna Elvira S. Arcellana, UP MSSR-IPPNW

Liaison Officer to IFMSA
Jim Paulo D. Sarsagat, UP MSSR-IPPNW

External Vice President
Madison M. Dominguez, UP MSSR-IPPNW

Jana Laine T. Cortez, UP MSSR-IPPNW

Erica Tania Davillo, PMSA (OLFU)

National Officer for Medical Education (NOME)
Roda Tessa L. Estrella, UP MSSR-IPPNW

National Officer for Public Health (NOPH)
Maria Angela B. Pura, AMSA-UERM

National Officer for Research Exchange (NORE)
Kevin Jer V. David, UP MSSR-IPPNW

National Officer for Human Rights and Peace (NORP)
Dexter Bryan E. Cancino, UP MSSR-IPPNW

National Exchange Officer (NEO)
Kaiziel M. Marasigan, AMSA-UST

AMSEP National Director
Gienah F. Evangelista, UP MSSR-IPPNW

The AMSA-Philipines Elections Meeting was held last Saturday, April 6, at SLU in Baguio City during the National Medical Students Conference SLU 2013, with 8 of 10 members of the Council of LMOs present. 

The Council chose to not elect anyone for the posts of Internal Vice President (IVP) and National Officer for Reproductive Health and AIDS (NORA) during the Elections Meeting. These positions will be reopened in the coming week, with elections done at the end of the week.

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