Saturday, August 24, 2013

AMSA Night 2013

Diane Marie Dizon

AMSA-UERM tops off the school year with “AMSA NIGHT EXPOSED: BE BARE. BE BOLD.” which was held in Valle Verde 1 Clubhouse last February 16. Following through with the promise of bringing more than a night of fun, the black-and-white themed event was filled with ample opportunity for friendship building and camaraderie among fellow members.

The different committees were not shy to show both their hidden talents and competitive edge through the Inter-Committee Competition.

Among the five, the Finance Committee, stunning the whole room with a hand-mime song rendition of ‘At the Beginning,’and the Externals Committee, amazing the audience with a magical display, both emerged as winners. Not to be outdone, the officers of AMSA-UERM also showcased their dance skills. The event also featured Krewciate’s Broadway-themed performance for the recently concluded Med Groove. 

Given that Valentines was a few days shy of AMSA Night, the event also featured a human auction, which gave opportunity to those who dared to ‘fight’ for their love! Wallets were generous to give that night, as each committee proudly displayed the most beautiful and handsome of their members.

For those who preferred to indulge their sweet tooth, winners for the Cake Raffle were also drawn during the night. As the event drew to a close, certain members were then recognized during the event, either for accomplishing certain feats, or for possessing certain winning characteristics:

AMSA Shirt Design Winner:
Jev Almiranez

NIKE Raffle Awardee:
Vince Martinez

Ikaw na ang Excited! (or the Early bird award):
Louiji Guillermo

Ikaw na ang Bongga! (given to individuals who came to the event in style):
Joanna Garcia & Joey Cueto

Ikaw na ang Hyper!(awarded to the most enthu-siastic and excellent performers):
Candice Melgar & Antonio Quiambao

Kayo na ang In Love! (because true love always needs to be recognized):
Mirasol Aboga & Eivind Del Fierro

In behalf of AMSA-UERM, thank you to everyone who attended and showed their support! Special thanks to Tanduay, Boracay Rhum, Axe Apollo, Magnolex, Sariaya Bread House, Bamboo Lounge Chinese Cuisine Bora-cay, and Sandbar Boracay!

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