Saturday, August 24, 2013


Iris Baltazar

It all started with the concept of the “five-star physician.” We have been challenged to go beyond what is expected of us as future physicians. We felt the need for a new breed of M.D., capable of being a critical thinker, a servant leader, a social mobilizer, a catalyst for change—all in one.

As one of the founding officers, I am very proud to have seen how the association has evolved in the past two years. The enthusiasm and teamwork of our members during the first year of foundation have greatly inspired the younger medical students to join us in our cause. A variety of projects were laid out, and members were free to choose what to work on. From medical missions, surgical missions, tutorials, lectures, toy drives, children’s hygiene projects, and Down Syndrome.

Awareness—to fund-raising projects such as movie block screening, cake raffle,and the AMSA Night acquaintance party—the list goes on and on.

So far, we have faced many trials along the way but these will allow us to gain courage to face the next ones to come. I have witnessed genuine smiles, new friendships, dedicated members and emerging leaders fit to become tomorrow’s new breed of M.D.—equipped with holistic qualities to be of service to others. Overall, I am very honoured to have served as president of AMSA-UERM this 2012-2013.

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