Wednesday, July 16, 2014

AMSA Philippines holds free screening of The Act of Killing

A group of 11 medical students gathered together at Dormus, España Blvd. last July 12, 2014 for the screening of The Act of Killing. AMSA Philippines was given license for the free screening by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) and the director himself, Mr. Joshua Oppenheimer through The activity was part of AMSA Philippines’ campaign against torture and impunity.

The event started with a brief overview of Indonesia’s history that was portrayed in the movie. The concept of impunity was also emphasized. An introductory video from the director was shown shortly before the two and a half-hour documentary was played.

A group discussion followed after the film ended. It focused on how fear and oppression have been prevailing in Indonesia. The discussion also centered on the complexity of moral corruption in contemporary Indonesia as a result of the atrocities in its history. The participants affirmed that Indonesia’s nightmares will persist as the mass killings’ perpetrators remain the country’s heroes and leaders. Similarities between Indonesia and Philippines in terms of military aggression and crooked system of elections were also pointed out.  Before calling it a day, the medical students offered a prayer for the innocent victims and defenseless people in Palestine.

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