Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AMSA Philippines Official Statement on MH17

AMSA Philippines condemns the tragic and cruel act of shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 last July 17, 2014. We mourn for the loss of 298 innocent lives including three of our countrymen.

We recognize that such act of aggression has become a geopolitical issue among nations. But instead of pointing fingers, we call that the protection of the integrity of the crash site and preservation of vital evidences be the priority. We deplore any actions that interfere access to the site, preventing truth from coming out. More importantly, we urge that respect for the bodies of the victims be observed.

Moreover, we are deeply saddened by the news that we lost more than a hundred of the world’s brightest and dedicated HIV/AIDS scientists, researchers, health workers and advocates. On board was Prof. Joep Lange, previous president of the International AIDS Society, and fondly known as a “force of change in HIV/AIDS treatment”, his work has given hope to those who are struggling and living with HIV/AIDS. We could only imagine the number of years of progress lost because of this singular act of senseless violence.

This fight with HIV/AIDS goes beyond any one person or nation but this loss of so many dedicated and selfless individuals is one that is overwhelmingly upsetting.

We urge everyone to include in their prayers the victims of this tragedy—none of whom were involved in any conflict among nations—and for their families and loved ones. Let us also offer prayers that such violence will never happen again and that justice and peace shall prevail.

Prepared by:

Kim Patrick S. Tejano
National Officer for Human Rights and Peace

Noriel P. Calaguas
National Officer for Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS

Noted by:

Jim Paulo D. Sarsagat

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