Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Forum on State of the Nation's Health: Healthcare Workforce Crisis

AMSA Philippines was present in the formal media launch of The Coalition for Primary Care yesterday, 22 July 2014, organized in cooperation with the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP). On behalf of the organization, Erica Tania Davillo (AMSA Philippines External Vice-President 2014-2015), stated AMSA Philippines' stand on primary health care to the group. The launch was headed by leaders of the Philippine health sector, including former Secretaries of Health Dr. Esperanza Cabral and Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, National Scientist and Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Dr. Ernesto Domingo, and PCP President Dr. Tony Leachon. Former Secretary Cabral also delivered the State of the Nation's Health Address.

AMSA Philippines is a member of The Coalition for Primary Care. The group is comprised of more than 70 concerned health organizations. In its manifesto, The Coalition for Primary Care (1) declared a healthcare workforce crisis that threatens the lives of millions of Filipinos, especially the poor, and violates their right to human health, (2) demanded that President Aquino and the 16th congress should take immediate, sustainable and dramatic steps to solve this crisis, and (3) pledged to fight for legislations and policies that promote the teaching of primary care as the basic ingredient of true health for all.

Several dedicated members and an alumnus were also present in the event. These were Gienah Evangelista (AMSA Philippines Regional Chairperson 2014-2015), Harroun Valdimir Wong (AMSA Philippines LO to IFMSA 2014-2015 and AMSA International LO to IFMSA 2013-2014), Madison Dominguez (AMSA International LO to AMDA 2014-2015 and AMSA Philippines External Vice-President 2013-2014), John Jefferson Besa of MSSR-IPPNW Philippines, and Dr. Renzo Guinto (AMSA Philippines Co-President 2010-2011).


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