Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Research Exchange

Make history and join the first ever research exchange!
Train and participate in a foreign research under the tutelage of a mentor for one month with certification after training!
Requirements include:
1) Copy of valid passport
2) Passport photo
3) Letter of motivation
4) Latest Curriculum Vitae
5) Recommendation letter (2), one should be from a faculty member and signed by the dean, another should be from the current LMO president
6) Health insurance 
7) English certificate
Lodging and some meals will be provided.
You may take the one month elective any time within May 2015 to December 2015.
For details on specific projects and universities in Romania and Poland you may check the Research Exchange Project Database (and search by country) at
All Requirements must be submitted ON OR BEFORE February 6, 2014 12MN to
If you have any questions contact Cristina Dorado (NORE, AMSA Philippines) at 09279296035 or via email (

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