Saturday, November 22, 2014

August Meeting 2014 Post Conference Report

IFMSA AM Taiwan 2014
Princess Xenia Ea Agduma AMSA- UERM 

Like any other medical student, I want to be a doctor because it is my ultimate goal to help those who are in need. I believe that it is something I was born to do. This belief provided me with relief--- this is my purpose in life. However, I won’t be a doctor in an instant and that big of a responsibility is only given to those who are equipped with knowledge, skills, and passion. With this in mind, I decided to take action, prepare myself, and make myself worthy of the responsibility that is ahead of me. This prompted me to join the delegation for IFMSA’s August Meeting in Taiwan. Joining the said meeting was what I was looking for. It is the perfect venue for a medical student like me to meet people who have the same aspirations and goals.  It pushed me to explore what is outside of my box and go out of my comfort zone. Basically, it was a learning experience I will never forget.

At the opening ceremony, the President of Taiwan welcomed us, and then it sank into me that this is not just a typical conference, this is a big deal. There were delegates from countries all over the world, some I have never heard of before. There were plenary sessions, parties and exhibits. I was immersed into a pool of different cultures. It’s like I have travelled the world only I did not have to apply for any visa. It was overwhelming but all of those pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and it felt great.

My favorite part would be joining the Standing Committee for Public Health (SCOPH), the reason why this trip became so worth it for me. I found heroes from other countries who are so passionate about helping those who are need.  They definitely gave me that boost of motivation. I was fascinated by the fact that even as students they were able to put up projects in their communities. Indeed every little act makes a difference. Further, I learned about diversity, about global issues, how the health care system is in other countries and compared them to ours. I thought to myself this is what it’s all about.

In one week I realized that being in medical school is not about high grades or the aces you get in practical exams, it is about what you are doing now to influence lives around you. Practicing medicine should not be confined in the walls of the hospital it should cross boundaries and reach out to people. It is not only for the sick but also for the whole society.

In the next General Assembly (GA), I am hopeful that there would be more delegates from our country so that there will be representation in all the standing committees. This would also hopefully mean that we could participate more on the cultural side of the GA so we can showcase what we have to offer (food, drinks, souvenirs). Lastly, I think that financial aid would be beneficial especially to those who deserve it. After all, once a delegate sets foot in a conference it is not just himself he/she is representing but also the whole AMSA-PHILIPPINES.

Certainly, attending this GA opened my eyes and made me less naïve life but that doesn’t mean I will stop there. That was just the beginning.

SCOPH Group Picture
Ice breaker on one of the SCOPH Sessions
Group Selfie with my SCOPH friends

Food and Drinks Party

Opening Ceremony with my fellow delegates, Erica Davillo and Terence Kua, with Dr. Renzo Guinto


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