Wednesday, November 19, 2014

International Men’s Day 2014

November 19, 2014 is the celebration of the International Men's Day with this year's theme: 


The theme for this year is designed to encourage greater cooperation in addressing issues that affect Men and Boys all over the world such as men’s shorter life expectancy, the high male suicide rate, our collective tolerance of violence against men, and the struggles that boys can face in getting an education and the unique challenges of father-child relationships.

International Men’s Day celebrates the contributions and selfless sacrifices that Men make to our families, our communities, and our world. Observed in over 70 nations throughout our global village on 19th November of each year, International Men’s Day shares a 48-hour partnership with Universal Children’s Day which is observed worldwide on 20th November of each year.

The six pillars that is the basis for the foundation of the International Men's Day:

1. To promote positive male role models; not just movie stars and sports men but every day, working class men who are living decent, honest lives.

2. To celebrate men’s positive contributions to society, community, family, marriage, child care, and to the environment.

3. To focus on men’s health and well-being; social, emotional, physical and spiritual.

4. To highlight discrimination against males; in areas of social services, social attitudes and expectations, and law.

5. To improve gender relations and promote gender equality.

6. To create a safer, better world; where people can be safe and grow to reach their full potential.

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