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AMSEP Philippines for Japan 2014

Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP) Philippines for Japan 2014
By: Faith RJean A. Elaydo, Local Exchange Officer, AMSA FEU-NRMF

Last August 17-23, 2014, Asian Medical Students’ Association Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (AMSA FEU-NRMF) hosted their first AMSEP by welcoming four (4) delegates from Kagoshima University, Japan. They delegates were as follows:

Yoshihiro Terada, 3rd year– Chief delegate
Naruhiro Ohtsubo, 3rd year
Takeshi Kakiuchi, 2nd year
Eri Taimura, 4th year

Day 1 - Sunday, August 17, 2014

“At last, the long wait is over. The Japanese delegates are finally arriving and AMSEP is officially about to start...”

This was what was running through my mind that day. The EB and I were both excited and nervous as we continuously prepared and waited patiently for the arrival of the four delegates – Hiro, Naru, Kaki and Eri. Up until the moment when we arrived at NAIA Terminal 2, we were doubtful if we could really pull this off since this was our first time to host. But all the worries and doubts were washed away when we finally saw the smiling faces of our four delegates.

L-R: Ray, Naru, Hiro, Kaki, Eri, Keneth and Faith 

The delegates arrived at 6:00 pm at NAIA Terminal 2 with all smiles as Micmac, Ray and I greeted them at the airport with a welcome banner. We were accompanied by Keneth Gacula, a delegate of AMSEP Japan last summer.

We had to keep the greetings short and rush back to Fairview, Quezon City since the drive was an hour back and we wanted them to have some rest. As we were on our way back to Fairview, other members of AMSA FEU-NRMF were busy preparing for our welcome party for them!

As we reached Fairview, we gave time for the delegates to freshen up and get ready for the 
welcome party. After a while, we went to the venue which was at Shakey’s Pearl Drive. A short program was prepared for them and this was hosted by Rachel Ong and Andre Galupino, Jr. Members of AMSA FEU-NRMF, together with the AMSEP Japan 2014 summer delegates and friends from other schools all had fun as they met the delegates. Mini games were also played and a short video was made by the AMSEP Japan delegates.

The popular ‘jeje’ pose with the AMSA family!
Hiro, Kaki, Naru and Eri with AMSA FEU-NRMF EB
After the welcome party, the delegates were brought back to Ray’s house were they slept to recharge for the week’s upcoming activities.

Day 2 - Monday, August 18, 2014

The delegates woke up early and had breakfast with Ray, Micmac and I. Micmac prepared their breakfast, which was fried eggplant and sinigang na porkwith fresh fruits as dessert. After a while, they were fetched by Pau, Jam, Lucy and Tea Anne as they headed to the FEU-NRMF Campus by riding a tricycle for the school tour and courtesy call with Dean Linda D. Tamesis, Dr. Polly Chua Chan and Atty. Antonio Abad. That morning, they also joined a class in gross anatomy where they took part in the dissection of the cadaver. Lab gowns, gloves and masks were provided for them. Among the four delegates, Kaki was the only one who had not yet tried dissecting the cadaver, so this was new for him!
© Photoguild FEU-NRMF: Eri and Kaki  joining the group in dissection
The delegates with Dr. Nolan Pecho

After the class sit in, the campus tour was continued and the delegates played basketball, volleyball, and badminton with the members. They also visited the Medicine Student Council office, where they met the MSC President Neil Sese and auditor JC Dedace. The MSC was so generous that they gave Medicine shirts and jackets to the delegates! They went to Infinitea after then to Chubby Chicken, where other members joined and had lunch with them.
That afternoon, they were accompanied by Jet, Yanee, Diane, Jed and Milagros as they went to Manila for their first tour of the week. The delegates were first brought to the Presidential Museum. 
The delegates with Yanee, Jed, Diane, Jet and Milagros at the Presidential Museum
the delegates goofing around the Presidential Museum
Their tour to the Presudential Museum was followed by a tour to Intramuros, where they were joined by Keneth (AMSA UST­­), Vanessa (AMSA UERM), Grace (Com-DRS), Luisa (Com-DRS) and other friends from other schools. They experienced riding the Kalesa and were able to learn more about the Filipino Culture.

all smiles even after a long day!

the group at Fort Santiago

Jet, Naru and Hiro posing for Barbaras

the dinner at Barbara’s

Day 3 - Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Since August 19 is Quezon City day and therefore a holiday, all the activities scheduled for this day was set in Manila. Because of this, the delegates had to wake up early for us avoid the traffic.

 Our first stop for the day is UP-PGH. We were met by Harroun Wong (Liason Officer to IFMSA, AMSA Philippines), Gienah Evangelista (Regional Chairperson for AMSA International, AMSA Philippines), Tin (UP-MSSR) and Vanessa (AMSA UERM) as they toured the delegates at UP-PGH and UPM Campus. The delegates were able to see and learn more about our Philippine Healthcare System and its current situation, as well as visit the top university in our country. 
The delegates posing in front of The Oblation
After the tour, the group was brought to the canteen for them to rest. Gienah and Harroun bought the delegates taho, a Filipino snack made of tofu, for them to taste. We were also met by Kim Ednalino, the AMSEP National Director of AMSA Philippines.
Hiro and Naru sharing their taho with each other.
With the delegates reenergized, we were then ready to go to the next stop: St. Luke’s Global City. But before we left, a photo of the delegates with our friends were taken!
(L-R) Eri, Gienah, Tin, Naru, Kaki, Harroun, Kim, Hiro and Vanessa
Our travel to St. Luke’s Global City was unexpectedly short, and we had a little extra time when we started the Hospital Tour. We were facilitated by Sir Jason, in which he showed us how and why St. Luke’s Global City is a ‘hospitel’ and the facilities that they have. Also, upon learning that the delegates were Japanese, Sir Jason introduced them to Dr. Yoshiko K. Demetillo, Assistant Director for International Patient Care, who took her time from her busy schedule to speak with the delegates. 
The health and wellness center at St. Luke’s Global City.

(A) vein detector for placing an IV catheter. (B) a glimpse of the presidential suite.

Eri trying the Electroconvulsive therapy!

While we were on the tour though, Naru suddenly felt weak and lost consciousness temporarily. He was then brought to the Emergency room where Hiro and I stayed with him while we let the others continue the tour.  Naru stayed at the ER for two to three hours. Along with his symptoms, he also had fever and sore throat. The resident-in-charge wanted to request for an ECG and Echocardiography, but Naru declined. The Doctor then gave him take home antibiotics. Because of this, we all decided to take Naru back to Ray’s house and let him rest. We waited for the others to finish with the tour so that we could bring Naru back to Fairview. When they were done, we drove them over to their next stop: Money Museum, where they were now accompanied by Bianca, Elaine, Apple, Roxi, KC, Karen, Jao and Suzie. Ray, Micmac, Renn, JB, Jonathan and I brought Naru back to Fairview.
The delegates with Sir Jason at the St. Luke’s lobby

To start their afternoon tour, the delegates went to the Money Museum of BSP:

 The Story of Money

Not so long after their stay in the Money Museum, it began to rain hard. The scheduled plan for the rest of the afternoon, Quezon City Memorial Circle visit, had to be changed. The group then decided to go to the Myth of the Human Body instead.

Jumpshot at the Myth of the Human Body

For dinner, the delegates were brought to Congo Grille, for more authentic Filipino food, and for the delegates to taste Halo-halo! Poor Naru was envious of this, so we promised to give him one as soon as he gets well! 
 Fiesta dinner!

Kaki, Hiro and Eri eager to eat their halo-halo!

After dinner, they travelled back to Fairview to rest and recharge for the next day’s activities!

Day 4 - Wednesday, August 20, 2014

                The delegates were brought to school that morning for them to join the community exposure. We advised them to bring an extra shirt and to be cautious of their belongings, and gave them snacks and water in case they got hungry. Since Naru was still not feeling well, we advised him to rest while members took turns in staying with him. As for Hiro, Kaki and Eri, they were divided and joined into 3 groups. Since the Wednesday community is scheduled for house to house visits, each of them got to see different family settings and different cases.
                After the community exposure, the delegates were brought back to FEU-NRMF to have lunch with Dean Linda D. Tamesis, MD, Chief of Clinics Rey H. De los Reyes, MD, OPD Chief Rene PSA Mendoza, MD and Head of Student Affairs Policarpio B. Joves.
                After lunch, they now headed to the FEU-NRMF Hospital for the hospital tour, where they were accompanied by Nica, Miguel, Tristan, Sam and Raymond. The tour was facilitated by the OPD Chief Rene PSA Mendoza, MD. 

(up) the delegates together with Dr Rene Mendoza. (down) dinner at Tiendesitas.

That afternoon, Naru felt better and was able to join the group as they went to Tiendesitas for souvenir shopping and dinner. They then headed back to Fairview for Karaoke night, which was at Juanito’s Bistro. 

 Having fun at Karaoke Night with the delegates!

Day 5 - Thursday, August 21, 2014

The delegates were brought to La Mesa Eco park as games were prepared for them by Micmac, Pau and Kristine. They were joined by Danica, Arielle, Jun, Chato, Jean, Nica, Ray (AMSA FEU-NRMF), Margie and Pants (AMSA UERM). The delegates were toured around the park where they tried various activities such as the zip line. We all headed back to ray’s house for lunch and for the delegates to freshen up.

 The group at ecopark!

That afternoon, the delegates were accompanied by Lucy, Jam, Emily, Diana and Paul of AMSA FEU-NRMF as well as Margie and Pants of AMSA UERM. They visited the Mind Museum first.

 Posing at the Mind Museum

After a tour of the Mind museum, the group went to SM Aura for another round of souvenir shopping, this time at Kultura, and dinner. The delegates were delighted with the souvenirs that they bought, especially their Red Horse shirt!

Naru, Kaki and Hiro’s very happy with the souvenirs that they bought!

Dinner at congo grille

Day 6 - Friday, August 22, 2014

Another morning of community for the delegates! This time, they joined the Brgy. Holy Spirit Health Center, Quezon City, where they were able to administer vaccines to children and taught how to do blood extraction. Truly another unique experience for them!

After their community exposure, the delegates were accompanied by Cristy Ann Padre (IVP, AMSA Philippines), Rachel, Andre, Ruth and Natalie as they went to WHO-WPRO. They were facilitated by Dr. Nobuyuki Nishikiori, Team Leader (Stop TB and Leprosy Elimination)
of WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WPRO). He gave lectures on Tuberculosis and Leprosy and toured the delegates around WHO. 

The delegates with Ruth, Tea Anne, Ach and Andre in front of WHO-WPRO.

After their trip to WHO-WPRO, the group then headed to Breakout! Philippines but due to very heavy traffic, they weren’t able to make it. The group then went to SM Megamall instead for dinner.

Day 7 - Saturday, August 23, 2014

The original plan for the delegates to go to Tagaytay then Tali Beach didn’t push through since major examinations had been scheduled for the members of AMSA FEUNRMF. Because of this, the delegates together with Tea Anne, Kristine and JB went to UP Diliman to pass time where they rode the jeepney and strolled around the campus while waiting for other members of AMSA FEU-NRMF for the whole group to go to Tali Beach.

Once the exams were done, the group met at Ray’s house and headed to Tali Beach for the Cultural and Farewell Party! The travel time was longer than expected, but still everyone was so patient and cooperative when we arrived at the place! Since there wasn’t much time left, the group went straight to the beach after dropping their things off at the beach house.

 Unbelievable energy from everyone at the beach

Various games and activities were prepared by the EB for this day, and everyone was divided into groups to join the games!

Hiro, Keneth and Eri trying to blow the cheese rings to the other side!
 The aftermath: tired but happy faces after the beach activities

After the beach activities, the group headed back to the beach house as we now prepared for the Farewell Party. A program was prepared, and this was hosted by Gerard De Rueda and John Kavin Bacani. A video presentation was made by the AMSEP Japan Summer 2014 delegates and the Publicity officers of AMSA FEU-NRMF. The delegates performed their Japanese cultural dance and member of AMSA FEU-NRMF performed a Filipino dance as well. Before the night ended, we prepared a surprise for the delegates: roses and candles as we all sang Hawak Kamay, a song that was introduced to them by the AMSEP Japan Delegates.

The group’s surprise for the delegates!

AMSEP Japan Delegates (Tin, Jesser, Harroun, Alexi and Keneth) with Eri!

We were also joined by Dr. Renzo Guinto and IFMSA Officers!

After the program, we all headed back to Manila for the delegates to rest and get ready for their flight back to Japan 

Day 8 - Sunday, August 24, 2014

The delegates had little time to sleep since their flight to Japan was at 9 am and we had to be at the airport by 7 am. The atmosphere was heavy – we didn’t realize the bond that we created and how sad it was that their stay here in the Philippines had been short. We didn’t realize that we would all be tearing up once they left.

Smiling for the camera, but feeling sad inside! And of course, their ‘pabaon’ Jolibee!

AMSEP Philippines for Japan 2014 was indeed an unforgettable experience for our AMSA FEU-NRMF family. We hope Hiro, Kaki, Naru and Eri enjoyed AMSEP just as much as we had!

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