Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Call for AMSA Philippines EB 2015-2016!

Filing for Candidacy for AMSA Philippines Executive Board 2015-2016 is now open! Download the Election Package 2015 here for the complete application process.

Who can run for office?
Requirements for people aspiring to run for office
The following must be fulfilled by everyone running for a position in the Executive Board:
1. Must be a bona fide AMSA Philippines member of a recognized Local Member Organization
2. Able to perform the duties and functions of the office aspired for as provided by the constitution
3. Able to complete the term of office aspired for before his or her scheduled graduation
4. Is not an incoming or a current president of any Local Member Organization
5. Should not have any failing grade in the current academic year (2014-2015)

How to run for a position?
Requirements for filing of candidacy for any Executive Board position
Accomplish the following documents.
1. Completed Certificate of Candidacy and Eligibility Criteria Form for the desired position
2. Two page Curriculum Vitae
3. Endorsement Letter from respective LMO President
4. Two page Motivational Letter
5. General Plan of Action
• Must contain general and specific objectives, projects and other initiatives, and corresponding timelines
Save all documents in PDF format.
Email ALL five documents to pres.amsaphil@gmail.com.

For inquiries, email pres.amsaphil@gmail.com.


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