Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SCOPE Spain Anecdote

Dear AMSA Philippines, here is an anecdote from our first out of three SCOPE exchange students going to Spain this season.

"My last day in Hospital Infantil Nino Jesus (spain's National pediatric hospital, also the second oldest in Europe)

The department prepared a lunch for me and everyone sent their well wishes, it was so heartwarming. The department head even quipped that they would love to have more Filipino med students around. (And that if ever I wanted to pursue a residency there, he'd already accept me hahaha)
Overall it was a great learning experience. Sobrang hi-tech and a little too defensive medicine, well they have the resources anyway. But I will forever remember what Dr. Escribano said that "While European hospital have more technology and access to advancement, wherever you are, a pediatrician's greatest tool will always be gentleness" - Gelo Apostol (ACSIS-ASMPH)


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