Saturday, May 30, 2015

AIMSEP Japan 2015

AIMSEP Japan 2015

With the desire to learn more than what the dull four-cornered classrooms can offer, a few hardworking students were selected to participate in the AIMSEP JAPAN FOR PHILIPPINES held last May 13-18, 2015 at the Kanazawa University, Japan. 

This specific program, which is held every year, aims to immerse its delegates to the academic and cultural systems of Japan and also to aid in establishing international connections for the benefit of many. 

Through tough and careful deliberation, the Asian Medical Students’ Association was able to select five students who were privileged to partake in the said activity. They are as follows:

Roi Jemuel Dalisay of AMSA- DLSHSI
John Frederick Diego of AMSA- UST
Carmina Fuentebella of AMSA- UST
Janelle Patricia Kintanar of ACSIS- ASMPH
Marylaine Padlan of MSSR- IPPNW

The five took off for Japan on May 13 and began with the activity proper the day after. 

The whole program started off with a rather academic activity—a tour around the Kanazawa University Medical Campus and Hospital. Here, the delegates were given an overview on how the Japanese operate their facilities & equipment for medical use. Moreover, the delegates were provided with further important information regarding their [the Japanese] healthcare system. This includes variables such as general health condition of the area, and others. 

During the tour, they [the delegates] were also given the chance to observe in special areas such as Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Radiology, and Biochemistry.

In the following days, the delegates were then given the chance to participate in more culture-related activities. They were taken to popular destinations around the area (e.g. Kanazawa Garden, Samurai House, Ninja Temple, Shirakawago Village, Tateyama mountain etc.) Likewise, they were given the opportunity to try out the stuff that only the Japanese see as ordinary and ‘everyday’: they went to hot springs; they wore yukatas; they cooked their own teppanyaki and whatnot. 

The five parted ways on the 18th and proceeded to do what they wanted thereafter.
-- Carmina Fuentebella, Chief Delegate, AMSA-UST

“My personal experience in AIMSEP Japan was, in a word, unforgettable. The trip around the Kanazawa University Hospital and medical school opened my eyes to what can be achieved in terms of giving proper healthcare and how far we have to go to meet the growing need for health services here in the Philippines. The best part about the trip is definitely the people we’ve met. The university students made us feel, for a moment, that we were the best of friends long before we even met. As we gave our parting speeches, it was made clear to me and to everyone in the room that we’ve established relationships that can’t be hindered by neither time nor distance.” 
–Roi Dalisay, AMSA-DLSHSI

“The five day exchange program in Kanazawa University was indeed short but definitely one of the sweetest experiences in my life. It gave us the opportunity to explore the health system of Japan specifically a national tertiary hospital (Kanazawa Hospital) and discover the differences and similarity of medical education between Japan and Philippines. This experience helped me realized infinite possibilities we can achieve for the medical system of the Philippines if we have the right system and if all the sectors work together. I am really grateful for this exchange program because it paved the way for me to meet and gain amazing, fun, kind and hardworking lifelong friends. As I have said in our farewell party, this exchange program made my first trip to Japan unforgettable and irreplaceable.” 
- Marylaine Padlan, UP-MSSR-IPPNW


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