Tuesday, May 12, 2015

SCOPE Australia Anecdote

Dear AMSA Philippines, here is a anecdote from our first out of three exchange students to Australia. 

"I just finished taking out staples from post-op craniotomy patients, and some preadmission check up for surgical patients coming into the Neurosurgery ward. This clinical exchange experience here in the Austin Hospital, one of the best teaching hospitals in Australia, has exceeded my expectations on just the first week. The pre-set notion was just I was an observer and a sponge, just look around, be keen, and absorb everything. The next thing I knew, I was scrubbing in brain tumor excision surgeries, writing progress notes, catheterization and brain drainage insertions and removals, doing history and physical exam on pre-op patients, and joining multidisciplinary meetings with consultants. I was just lucky to be placed in a medical students accommodation with all other international students - where weekends are times to get brunch and explore and weeknights are for amazing food finds! As my consultant said on the Monday of my last week, ask for learning, take the initiative to show how hungry you are to learn, and it will come to you, some time, somehow. If you love traveling and want to experience hands on clinical exposure at the same time, then this one's for you." - Jolo Padayao, ACSIS-ASMPH

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