Sunday, June 26, 2016


AMSA Philippines would like to thank the Youth for Sin Tax (YSFT) Movement for our fruitful initiatives in ensuring the strict monitoring and implementation of the Sin Tax Law. We would most especially like to thank our co-convenor organization, UP Economics Towards Consciousness (UP ETC), for your valuable inputs and contribution in advancing our advocacy towards reducing tobacco and alcohol-related harms and risks among Filipinos, especially the youth.

AMSA Philippines and UP ETC, together with WHO-WPRO and AER organized a student leaders' convention titled 'Kabataan para sa Kabataan: A Bawas Bisyo Convention.' AMSA Philippines with the Youth for Sin Tax Movement has also worked on increasing awareness and action against tobacco through youth engagement activities during World No Tobacco Day and No Smoking Month, infographics and different campaigns.

Looking forward to a year of continued partnership and sustainable activities!

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  1. this is a great movement with lots of convenience for so many people. keep us updated on its further reforms i would like to read about them