Wednesday, June 22, 2016


AMSA Philippines, most specially SCOPH, would like to acknowledge and thank SCOPE: The Official Student Publication of ASMPH, its official and main partner in The Mind Movement Project.

SCOPE ASMPH has been instrumental in promoting the advocacy on mental health awareness and forefront its discussions. This has been evident in its special issue that was published.
Recently, the project won 2nd place in the Activities Fair of APRM 2016 in Thailand.

Again, AMSA Philippines thanks SCOPE ASMPH, its staff, and everyone who participated and contributed to the said project. Looking forward to more partnerships and collaborations in the near future.

[ERRATUM] AMSA Phlippines would like to apologize to SCOPE: The Official Student Publcation of ASMPH, for using the image from our previous poster without permission. Also, we would like to clarify that The Mind Movement is a joint-project of SCOPE ASPMH and AMSA Philippines SCOPH. Again, we would like to apologize and hope for continuing partnership in the near future.


  1. Movement like this needs to spread worldwide because mental health is a very important issue that has to be raised on every platform. I appreciate these people who are taking part in this movement. Indeed a noble cause it is. More people should come forward and support this cause.