Sunday, July 10, 2016


The search is far from over! 

AMSA Philippines is still in need of dedicated and dynamic medical student leaders that are willing to uphold the values of knowledge, action, and friendship to the next level. 

Download the election package here:
and submit the other requirements:

  1. Completed Certificate of Candidacy and Eligibility Criteria Form for the desired position
  2. Two page Curriculum Vitae
  3. Endorsement Letter from respective LMO President
  4. Two page Motivational Letter 
  5. General Plan of Action 
• Must contain general and specific objectives, projects and other initiatives, and corresponding timelines

Save all documents in PDF format and directly email ALL five documents to on or before JULY 22, 2016.
For inquiries, email

Take this opportunity while you still have the chance.

1 comment:

  1. I am applying for the Internal vice president post and hopefull I will be able to win the elections. I am aslo urging and asking my friends to take part in the elections to make a better structure of ASMA.