How to Join

AMSA-Philippines is open to all interested organizations, provided no other organization in your school is already part of AMSA-Philippines.

To find out if an organization in your school is already part of AMSA-Philippines, visit the member page. You can join that organization and you automatically become a part of AMSA-Philippines!

If not, and you and your organization wants to be part of the growing national organization of medical students that represents the Filipino medical students around the world, then join now and become a Candidate Member Organization!

1. Candidate Member Organizations or CMOs have to be a medical student organization from a licensed medical institution recognized by the Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines
2. CMOs have to be recognized by their origin school.
3. CMOs should have an established structure, an executive board, and a framed constitution.
4. CMOs should be composed of medical students, which are students and interns in training to become licensed medical doctors in higher educational institutions, recognized by the Commission on Higher Education.

Becoming a CMO
1. All interested organizations should submit a letter of application to, expressing their desire and intentions to join AMSA-Philippines.
2. All interested organizations shall become CMOs upon receipt of their letter of application by the Internal Vice President and subsequent approval of the Executive Board.
3. Letters of applications can only be submitted in two periods: (1) Before the start of the first semester of an academic year, (2) Period between after the end of the first semester and before the start of the second semester for the said academic year. Letters of Application submitted outside of this period will be rejected. 

For more information and queries, contact