PHILSHIFT Research Group

PhilSHIFT Research Group
Studying the Filipino Chronotype

The PhilSHIFT Research Group (PhilSHIFT) started in 2009 under the name FilClockWork with the intention of studying the
human chronotype (biological clock or internal timing) in the Philippines-a factor often unrecognized in shift work studies that look at health, productivity and work performance. It brings together researchers from the University of the Philippines Manila
and Ludwig Maximilian University Munich in a collaborative effort to study the Filipino chronotype in relation to shift work.

In 2012, PhilSHIFT became a program of the University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies (UP-CIDS) in the area of employment. Considered the "think-tank" of the University, UP-CIDS encourages and supports University units and individual scholars who pursue these research initiatives until results are openly published and disseminated.

PhilSHIFT's first project with UP-CIDS is on the chronotype of the Filipino population. It intends to pursue projects that will contribute to health promotion and policy development for productive and sustainable work, particularly in contact centers. 


This is a two-year PhilSHIFT project that officially commenced in July 2013. The two component research projects aim to study the Filipino chronotype in relation to certain variables (e.g. age, sex, outdoor light exposure, etc.). The projects are: 

Project 1 - Chronotype surveys of Filipino non-shift workers and shift workers. This is comprised of cross-sectional surveys among Filipino non-shift workers (Project 1A Chronotyping Filipino Non-Shift Workers) and shift workers (Project 1B Chronotyping Filipino Shift Workers).
   Expected outputs of the project: a chronotype database of Filipinos who do regular, daytime work and a chronotype database of Filipino shift workers, both intended to be a reference for future shift work research; the project will also yield data concerning social jet lag*, sleep, body mass index (BMI) and other health factors

Project 2 - Chronotype-specific adjustment to shift work of new contact center agents in the Philippines. The second phase is a prospective cohort study involving contact center agents in participating contact centers. Follow-up of newly recruited agents will be done for a period of 6 months. 
   Expected outputs of the project: the observations on chronotype, social jet lag, blood pressure and similar health factors during the new hire’s adjustment into shift work may yield recommendations that would be useful for workers, companies and policy-makers for health, productivity and sustainability initiatives for the contact center industry.

Completed PhilSHIFT Project 
A review of local shift work studies accomplished during the period 2000-2011 has been done by PhilSHIFT. This review was published in Philippine Science Letters and is freely available online. J.P. Lozano-Kühne, M.E. Aguila, G. Manalang Jr., R.B. Chua, R. Gabud, E. Mendoza. Shift work research in the Philippines: current state and future directions. Philippine Science Letters, Vol. 5 No. 1 (2012), pp. 17 - 29. 

Sleep and Activity of Philippine Contact Center Employees Who Work in an Enhanced Light Environment

This proposed project aims to explore the effect of enhanced (circadian) office light on sleep and activity of Filipino contact center workers in night shift schedule, as well as the role of the chronotype in the outcomes observed.

In order to know your chronotype and help in the objective to determine the Filipino chronotype, please answer the Philippine Munich Chronotype Questionnaire (PhilMCTQ). By clicking the link provided, this will lead you to the WeP platform. You will need to enter your email to be able to access the questionnaire and receive feedback. After entering your email, choose "PhilMCTQ" from the list of public projects and answer the questionnaire until you reach the 'thank you' message. 

Note: The current questionnaire is for medical students who are not yet doing shift work. For those who are already doing duty (clerks and interns), stay put for the launch of PhilMCTQ-Shift
If you need more information about our project, you can access our website and social media accounts through the links listed below. 
FacebookPage: PhilSHIFT

AngBahay ng Alumni, Ground Floor, Magsaysay Avenue, UP Diliman, Quezon City WEBSITE:


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